Monday 6 May

Independents unite to showcase the future of Australian politics in powerful new election video

The 2019 Australian federal election has become the Climate Election, and fifteen independent candidates from across Australia have united for a powerful video demonstrating there is an alternative to the two major political parties.

A record number of independent candidates are putting themselves forward this election with a strong commitment to act on climate change — quality candidates such as Zali Steggall (Warringah), Kerryn Phelps (Wentworth), Oliver Yates (Kooyong), Julia Banks (Flinders), Rebekha Sharkie (Mayo), Andrew Wilkie (Denison), Rob Oakeshott (Cowper), Kevin Mack (Farrer), Rod Bower (NSW Senate), Anthony Pesec (ACT Senate), Huw Kingston (Hume), Ray Kingston (Mallee), Adam Blakester (New England), Jeremy Miller (Lyne) and Alice Thompson (Mackellar).

Already the candidates are changing the discussion in community debates around the country, which has been well documented by citizen journalists publishing #IndependentsDay stories about the campaign journeys on the No Fibs website.

Former political journalist Margo Kingston, founder of No Fibs, helped coordinate the project, and set up the crowdfunding campaign for the video which has so far raised over $12,100 on Chuffed. The hope is that the campaign will exceed $18,500 in the coming weeks and, with enough community support, could be aired on commercial television prior to the election.

The video was shot in locations around candidate’s electorates,  allowing the independents to showcase the beauty and diversity of their local area as the backdrop to the powerful messages they are sending about their potential to be a positive force in Australian politics.

Running as independents, the candidates are not tied into the straightjacket of party policy or confined by internal party politics and many are gaining considerable momentum within their electorates, despite the distinct challenges faced by independent in Australia's party-based political system.

No Fibs still needs help from Australian citizens who want their climate change concerns to be well represented through new, independent voices in our federal parliament. Funds will be directed towards the promotion of the video with the hope that it will reach hundreds of thousands of voters before 18 May.

A website to support the video, with links to each candidate, is available at

Questions please email:

Charlie Caruso

0408 308 501

Margo Kingston

0437 042 012